Nevada’s education system can be fixed with a new and simple approach. The solution for better preparing our state’s next generation is to empower parents in their children’s education. We need to offer more opportunities in the form of school choice and to strengthen existing programs such as career & technical academies, charter schools, and opportunity scholarships. These programs give parents a fundamental voice in deciding where their children attend school. It is also important for Nevada to fund our groundbreaking Education Saving Accounts (ESA) program, which gives parents of all socioeconomic backgrounds further control over their child’s education.

Budgeting more and more money for a failing system will not improve the quality of education in Nevada. For too long, CCSD has been one of the poorest performing school districts in the nation. Despite CCSD’s enormous operating budget, our classrooms remain underfunded, teachers and support staff are underpaid, and our student’s education continues to suffer. Unlike current and past legislators, I fully support an independent external audit of Nevada’s public school system. The first step in improving the quality of education in our state is to find out exactly how our tax dollars are being spent in schools, while ensuring the maximum amount of money possible is going directly into the classroom to empower our future leaders.

Law & Order

Las Vegas is experiencing an increase in neighborhood crime, coinciding with the growth in population. Assembly District 37, is at the forefront of the battle against crime. We must ensure our law enforcement officers have the tools necessary to keep our community safe. The 2019 legislative session resulted in a reduction of penalties for numerous crimes, a push for a cashless bail system, and other efforts that would curtail the ability of our police officers to effectively combat crime, and this jeopardizes the safety of our community. Our police officers need a fighter in the Nevada legislature. I strive to be a tenacious advocate for our law enforcement officers.

Too many misguided politicians on the state and local levels are working to prevent law enforcement agencies from assisting and cooperating with federal agencies. Sanctuary state and sanctuary city policies are detrimental to the rule of law, diminish state sovereignty, and create inequality in the application of the law. I oppose any form of sanctuary state or sanctuary city status because of the direct threat they pose to our community and our citizens, as well as the tough spot they put our law enforcement in. I will fight tirelessly to uphold the rule of law and protect our communities from radical political agendas.

Business & Taxes

Nevada’s free market economy and low taxes on the individual and business have helped our state become a powerhouse in the American West. It is crucial that the Nevada state government does not compromise it’s own competitive status by over-taxing citizens and punishing businesses for success. I oppose increases to individual taxes and will fight against efforts seeking to remove the cap on property tax. More taxes on the individual will raise the cost of living, hurt those on a fixed income, and will ultimately reduce economic freedom in Nevada.

Bureaucratic agencies have punished businesses with crippling regulations, predatory practices, and high licensing fees. Nevada should be focused on promoting economic opportunity and growth while providing the best possible environment where businesses can thrive. I will fight to reign in Nevada’s bureaucratic overreach, so every citizen and business will have the opportunity to succeed.

Nevada’s Way of Life

Repeated attacks on Nevada’s way of life were prevalent in the 2019 legislative session. Legislators attacked Second Amendment rights, passed an unconstitutional tax increase, and fought to limit personal liberty throughout the state. We must not lose sight of the western and rugged style of individualism that makes Nevada great. The fundamental rights guaranteed in the U.S. and Nevada Constitution are beyond compromise and should withstand political agendas. It is my mission to stand for these inherent freedoms that we cherish.

Nevada has always stood for the protection of life and liberty. That is why it is time to value the life of the unborn, which is worth protecting and should be guaranteed an inherent right to existence protected by our constitution.


The veteran community of Nevada is one of the strongest in the country. Several great charitable and veteran ran organizations fill the gaps in the V.A. system. Our state has failed to connect veterans to these life changing resources and support networks, especially throughout the Southern Nevada community. I support the creation of new, veteran led infrastructure that provides better access and availability for veterans.


Our current healthcare system is a revolving door of doctor visits that come at the high expense of patients. As a legislator, I vow to find ways on the state level to make Nevada hospitals more efficient and transparent. We need a shorter and stronger connection between our doctors and our patients with a focus on preventative care. Seniors and patients with chronic illnesses that require long term prescriptions need to have more access to life enhancing and lifesaving drugs. Nevada needs to work with Doctors and healthcare institutions to combat Nevada’s opioid epidemic ⁠— together, finding effective policies that limit illicit use of prescription medicine while protecting those who need consistentaffordable access to their prescriptions. I support efforts for more informative and transparent programs about the risks of opioids and possibilities of abuse, especially to high risk populations in Nevada.